Future Aesthetica


I'm Talina Johnson, the Director and Principal Artist at My Rejuvenate, Sydney, and Founder of Future Aestheticà.

Together, with our amazing team of specialised Artist's & Educators, we've been providing high-end Cosmetic Tattoo Services & Education, since 2013.
OUR ACCLAIMED ACADEMY was rebranded in 2021 as "Future Aestheticà".
Why rebrand a gig that was doing so well!? Great question.. For expansion! We have expanded our momentum and forged a community of Artist's, Trainers, and Entrepreneurs.

Of the (many) hundreds of beginner and advanced Artist's we've trained; 98% to date, have confidently become an industry success, achieved their business goals, and many have progressed to become trainers.

Our methods are safe, long-lasting, and versatile.

We understand the problems of tomorrow and teach you how to prevent them today.

By avoiding methods that cause damage to the skin and discolouration, you will retain long-term, loyal clients, and your business will proliferate from organic referrals.

That's what Future Aestheticà is all about.... Growing and protecting your business now and for the Future.

 Welcome to the family xx
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