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Switching from manual blading to machine with Brow Shop

November 26, 2018

Switching from manual blading to machine with Brow Shop Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo SPMU PMU

Cosmetic Tattooing is such a fast paced and ever changing industry, if you want to make it and become a sought-after artist, you have to be up to date with all the latest trends, all whilst building your skills constantly! It’s tough out there!

But, I’m going to touch on some pros to switching from microblading to machine so you can elevate your art to a whole other level!

Let's discuss colour retention first...

It’s something a lot of us worry over, but with a machine and the right pigments, this isn't a common problem. Machine work implants pigment deeper and is closer to an ink injection than cutting with a blade. Because machines cause less trauma to the skin (obviously as long as it is used correctly) your clients will experience less scabbing which will give a vibrant healed result!

When it comes to skin types, microblading is ideal for young, normal to dry skin or mature clients with looked-after skin. So for a young client with oily skin, their results might be fine but it's likely their outcome and retention won’t last as long, but a machine is great for every skin type!

Microblading is the cutting of the skin with multiple needles, even with numbing cream the sensation is described as annoying, sinus-itching, and scraping. Whereas a tattoo machine has more of a classic tattooing sensation. It is believed that it's more comfortable for the client because it's less traumatic on the skin. When the skin is punctured instead of cut, it is easier for the skin to heal, which again is going to give your customer a better colour retention!

Microblading styles are mainly just line work and stippling for shading. This means that styles are limited compared to machine. Machine can do so much more than brows, though it does bring your brows to a whole new level as well! Being multi-service is a great way to keep business flowing and the styles from a machine are endless!

Machines open the SPMU world to so many procedures such as scar camouflage, lips, eyeliner, areola, scalp and microblading cover-ups. (you can't cover bad microblading with more microblading)

We know microblading definitely works no doubt about it, but machine has so much more to offer on so many different levels.

If you are unsure what machine is going to be right for you, check out our blog post ‘Getting to know your machines’ or don’t hesitate to get in contact!

- LJ




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