Membrane Aftercare

Membrane Post Care speaks to a new generation of dedicated professionals who are as passionate about the best treatment care products for their clients as they are about perfection in their work.  

We are a proud Canadian company founded on the principle that practitioners in the tattoo body art, permanent makeup, esthetics and cosmetic treatment industries should expect nothing less than a comprehensive, innovative line of natural, scientifically researched and cruelty free formulations with the outstanding capacity to enable them to exponentially improve client comfort and satisfaction.  High quality post care is an integral component to the multitude of  highly sought after treatments provided in these industries and drawing on nature’s purest gifts to deliver the best results only makes sense.

Our commitment is to ensure every advanced skin care and post care product in our line contains only the finest, purest natural ingredients scientifically proven to support advanced skin care as well as all stages of post care. From rapid healing of traumatized skin, superior cleansing, and infection control to treatment longevity, skin nourishment and customer comfort, our promise is to provide advanced skin care products that meet the highest standard of excellence and environmental kindness.

Membrane’s modest inception came after it was observed that a collection of beautiful natural ingredients, when combined, promoted extraordinary nourishing and healing results for client treatment care. Our discoveries fueled our drive to take our work into the lab. Grounded by science and inspired by nature, we are proud to now be an industry leader in advanced skin care and after care treatments.

We continually push industry boundaries with new meticulously formulated advanced skin care and treatment care products to meet the needs of our customers and their clients.  As a trusted solution provider for a hundreds of practices, we listen when our customers share their insights to help us grow. No other company carries a complete line of treatment after care products that addresses the unique needs of a such a wide range of treatments and procedures spanning multiple fields.  

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