True beauty is one of a kind. Not that you would notice it, scrolling through the sea of sameness on your timeline. While there are so many face shapes, skin tones and hair colours, in this digital age, standardized beauty ideals seem to overrule the beauty of a unique character.

Supercilium was founded because we saw so many women struggling to keep their character while creating a more beautiful look for themselves. We don’t see beauty as an end goal, but as a tool that we can use to express who we really are. We want to give women the confidence to express their unique character through beauty.

'We believe a woman with a strong eyebrow looking back in the mirror can be that accelerator of confidence.'

To do that, well-defined brows are essential. Symmetrical brows attract attention. They draw people to look at your face and really see you. They give expression to what you feel and who you are. And no one is better equipped to bring out the expressive beauty of your brows than the Brow Artists that work with Supercilium.

Together with beauticians from all over the world we make sure women can look in the mirror with confidence. By highlighting their signature feature, she can admire the proud woman that is looking back.

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