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Evenflo Pigments - Alter White 15ml

Born out of Lulu Siciliano's passion for her craft, Evenflo Colours is a custom palette that leaves all guesswork aside, letting you focus on what's important - results. These pigments deliver natural-looking results instantly. All pigments have gone through gamma ray sterilization, are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Not all white pigments are created equally. Sometimes you wish you could lighten up your favorite tone with exact accuracy. We have created AlterWhite, a scientific achievement that delivers a mixing white with the flexibility you’ve been looking for.

AlterWhite is a fluid, highly loaded formula that blends its particles with your existing pigments, resulting in a new lighter shade. Its high concentration requires minimal drops to fine tune your desired tone, allowing only the need for one bottle.

Aside from its natural blending capabilities, AlterWhite is ideal for highlight work straight out of the bottle, and requires minimal passes to implant.


- Fluid consistency

- High pigment load formula, with titanium dioxide

- Gamma ray sterilized

- Vegan friendly

- Cruelty-Free

- Made in the USA


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