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Nikk Mole Permanent Dye For Eyelashes & Brows - Dark Brown 15ml

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The innovative formula of the product is designed not only to provide vibrant colours, but also treatment. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid and keratin, the dye is suitable for any type of hairs.

The result of dyeing eyebrows with Nikk Mole dye is always a uniform and rich colour.

The formula of NIKK MOLE dyes provides long - lasting colour that stays up to 6 days on the skin and 6-7 weeks in hairs.

You will love NIKK MOLE dye for its elastic consistency!

It allows to create sharp graphic lines and a structured brow shape. 

Dark Brown Dye

Cool shade with hints of gray. Suitable for dyeing eyebrows in dark brown colours of deep brunettes and dark blond girls.

A palette of shades obtained with this dye colour: from woody to dark chocolate.

Fits tightly on the skin, therefore it is especially recommended in cases where the eyebrows are not very thick or need to be restored due to empty areas.

How to use:

1. Skin prep
- We recommend cleaning the skin using professional eyebrow cleaning solutions 
- For the best cleansing of the skin, we also recommend to use the Nikk Mole eyebrow scrub.
- Map the shape of the eyebrows with Brow Paste Nikk Mole.

2. Mix the dye with the developer in a 1: 1 ratio in a plastic or glass mixing dish.
- We recommend using 1 cm of dye and an equal size of the developer.
- Thoroughly mix until smooth.

3. Apply the mixture strictly according to the desired shape without going beyond the line. Use a nylon synthetic brush.

4. The exposure time is 5 - 15 minutes and depends on the desired result.
- 5 minutes - delicate staining.
- 10 minutes - medium-density staining with a tattoo effect.
- 15 minutes - dense coloring of the skin for the most intense results
When dyeing eyebrows, the exposure time is counted from the start of application.

5. Wash off the dye with a damp cotton pad.

6. Perform eyebrow shaping.