Critical Tattoo - Wired Foot Pedal

Critical Tattoo was founded in 2005 and is based in the U.S.A. They provide high-end products that are innovative, elegant and American-made. 

Critical Tattoo's Wired Foot Pedal is one of the best foot pedals available for tattoo machines. With an easy to use, disc-shaped design, this Wired Foot Pedal can be easily connected with any standard clip cord. As the clip cord is not attached to the device, it can easily be replaced without having to purchase a new foot pedal. This foot pedal is designed to minimise debris getting inside, and is easy to sanitise and cover. It has a non-skid rubber bottom so it won't slide around during procedures. 

Brow Shop is an authorised dealer of Critical products worldwide and we can verify that all Critical products stocked at Brow Shop are 100% genuine.

A clip cord is required to operate this product, and are sold separately. They can be found here. 

This product comes with a comprehensive 2 year manufacturer warranty.

This product is compatible with the Spektra Xion S along with most standard tattoo machines.

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