Elan Argan Oil Skin Protector

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Elan Argan Oil Skin Protector protects the hairs and the skin from the chemical influence.

Argan oil contains unsaturated fatty acids (80%) which protect the hairs from the oxidative processes and ensure the main protective functions. Shottenol and α-Spinasterol stimulate cell regeneration. Castor oil, which is one of the ingredients, prevents the skin from dryness and protects it from UV-rays.

How to use: 

During brow lamination treatment:
Apply Argan Oil Skin Protector on the eyebrows and the skin around the eyebrows before using Step 1 and Step 2 in order to protect the skin from the chemical influence and dehydration.

During tinting procedure:
Apply Argan Oil Skin Protector on the eyebrow area in order to prevent tint from staining the skin.

During eyelash tinting procedure:
Apply Argan Oil Skin Protector on the lower and upper eyelids in order to prevent the tint from staining the skin.

To decrease the intensity of your tint color:
Note: In order to decrease the intensity of the eyebrow tint colour (e.g. during the eyebrow tinting performed after the eyebrow bleaching), add Argan Oil Skin Protector to the eyebrow tint in the ratio 1:1:4 (one part of the tint, one part of the oxidant and four parts of the cream).

It is recommended to use Argan Oil Skin Protector as a home eyebrow and eyelash care. You can also retail this product to your clients as aftercare.

Made in Ukraine

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