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Elan Colour Fixing Fluid for Eyebrows & Eyelashes

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This leave-in colour fixing fluid is the final stage in the eyebrow and eyelash tinting procedure.

Hydrolyzed keratin and sunflower seed oil – the active ingredients – prevent fragility of the hairs and provide them with elasticity. Lactic acid neutralises the alkaline environment, closes the cuticle after the tinting procedure, and protects colour from fading. Panthenol is a moisturising component with regenerative properties. It is recommended to use Colour Fix as a home care for the eyebrows and eyelashes after washing.

How to use:

Use at the final stage of the eyebrow or eyelash tinting procedure. After removing the tinting mixture from the eyebrows (eyelashes), apply the product on a cotton pad and move it in the direction of the eyebrow or eyelash hair growth. Do not rinse off!

Dermatologically tested.

100 ml
Made in Ukraine

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