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Elan Cleansing Detox-Mousse for Eyebrows & Eyelashes

This professional foaming mousse is the first stage in preparing the eyebrows and eyelashes for the tinting and shaping procedure. 

Developed for cleansing and degreasing of the skin and the hairs.

The detox-mousse facilitates a deep fixation of the tint. Due to undecylenic acid, it has bactericidal properties.  A mild sulfate-free base of the mousse can be recommended for the sensitive skin as well.

Due to the detox components – white thistle extract and lactic acid – the product gently cleans the skin and the hairs from keratinized particles, sebum, toxins and other impurities. Calendula extract moisturises and soothes the skin, preventing dryness and irritation. 

How to use:
Press the pump to extract the detox-mousse from the bottle. Apply the necessary amount on the eyebrows with a spoolie brush, gently spread it over the necessary skin surface, then rinse off with water. Repeat the procedure if needed.


Dermatologically tested.

Made in Ukraine

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