Battery Operated Pigment Mixer (Choose Colour)

Replacement mixing sticks can be found here.

This product comes with a 120 day warranty.

If pigments aren't mixed perfectly before being used, this can cause uneven colouring in the tattoo. These electric pigment mixers are perfect for mixing small amounts of pigment to ensure that a single colour, with no imperfections, is achieved every time. Just add the pigments you'd like to mix to your pigment cup, place the tip of the ink mixer into the cup, making sure it's touching the bottom and is vertical, then turn the mixer on until the pigments are fully mixed. This is useful for mixing both solid colours and blending colours.

These pigment mixers take two AA batteries (not included). Simply unscrew the body of the mixer, place two AA batteries inside, screw the body back together and press down the switch to operate. If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

To avoid mess, keep the mixer vertical when mixing, and try not to remove the mixer from the pigment while it's still on.

Each machine comes with 5 disposable mixing sticks that are easy to fit and remove, they just press on easily.

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