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Elleebana - Precision Brow Pencil & Brush - Select your colour

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This is product can be sold in salon for a RRP = $28 each

Introducing Elleebana Precision Brow Series

This versatile product has been created as a finishing product for Elleebana Henna Brow or Belmacil Brow Tint service. Alternatively it can be a standalone retail item for your salon and clients. 

You can expect a gloriously silky, soft formulation that glides on and stays all day, enhancing your beautiful brows.

Elleebana Precision Brow Series is available in three buildable shades including:

  • Light Ash Brown
  • Deep Warm Brown
  • Dark Ash Brown

Some of the benefits include:

  • Buildable – Create soft everyday brows with a lighter application, to bold, fierce brows with a heavier application.
  • Achieve natural brush stroke effects or a more powdered look when using the added brow brush tool.
  • Contains carnauba wax, castor oil for hair nourishment and to create a smooth application.
  • Incredible staying power and long lasting wear.
  • Stylish and retractable.


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