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Glossed Aftercare by Shay Danielle (25 pack)

Glossed Aftercare by Shay Danielle is an all natural, 100% Vegan Aftercare for Post Lip Blush and Brow Procedures. 

Designed to be applied immediately post Lip Blush and Brow PMU for the ultimate HIGH GLOSSED look!

Use just a little GLOSSED for a hydrated look and use just a little more for that ULTRA GLOSSY effect! Extremely versatile!

LIP APPLICATION: Have your clients keep their lips clean by gently washing with a mild gentle soap and water AM and PM, blot dry and apply GLOSSED AFTERCARE throughout the day to keep lips hydrated for 7-10 days post procedure.

BROW APPLICATION: Have your clients gently wash their brows with a mild, gentle soap AM and PM, blot completely dry and apply a pea size amount of glossed to the brow by dabbing gently into the brow both morning and night for 7-10 days.

Every ingredient in this exquisite aftercare formula has been hand chosen with the intention to promote rapid, organic healing and relief after PMU procedures.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free formula infused with arnica oil designed to naturally help reduce swelling and bruising, moisturise the skin, and decrease post procedure discomfort.

Bag of 25 X 5mL

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