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InLei Argan Oil Sunshine Eyebrow Bleach

InLei brow tint sunshine is suitable for bleaching the eyebrows during the brow tinting treatment.

Product features:
- Lightens up to 3 shades
- Contains Argan Oil that prevents the hair from overdrying
- Gentle formula
- Easy to use
- Professional use only.

The easy to squeeze thin-tipped tube makes it easy to control the amount of product being mixed and reduces product waste. Moreover it ensures accurate blending. InLei's gentle formula is easy to apply, so it helps the beauty professional expertly to apply the product while keeping any client comfortable. 

How to use: 
- Before applying the tint clean the area with saline pre-treatment to clean and prime the brows.
- Mix the tint in 1:2 proportions with tint developer in mixing glass.
- Apply on brows using a brush. Timing 7-25mins.

Product specifications:
- Multi-use tube with non-sterile cap.
- 15ml - approximately 100 applications.
- InLei Cream Developer Activator is required for the tint to adhere.

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