InLei Fillering Professional Lash Tool

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Inlei Fillering tool is a revolutionary tool to help lift the lashes on to the silicone shields with ease! This tool was created and inspired by technicians who requiremaximum precision and comfort every day. 

The InLei Fillering tool has two different shapes of tip to help you be EVEN MORE precise than before :

  • Sharp tip: great for lifting the lashes and creating perfect isolation.
  • Rounded tip: perfect for removing the lower lashes from under the pad at the time of colouring, allowing you to work in the delicate inner corner of the eye.

The comfortable handle and double ended tool make it a MUST for any lash lift. Take your skill to the next level with the InLei Lash lift tool!

Made in Italy.
Anodized aluminum handle with AISI 302 stainless steel tips.
Length  - 13.6 cm

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