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InLei Sensitive Wax 250g

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InLei® Sensitive Wax is an innovative synthetic depilatory wax that will help you work precisely and effectively, without excessively stressing the client's skin. The synthetic wax base and the absence of fragrance are a winning combo to treat delicate areas , avoiding allergies and irritation as much as possible .

The soft and enveloping formula is very easy to spread and will allow you to tear any hair effortlessly. A real breakthrough for facial hair removal!

Instructions for use:

  1. Heat the wax to a temperature of 50°C.
  2. Clean the area to be depilated and wait until the skin is completely dry.
  3. Use a suitable spatula to pick up and apply a small amount of wax to the skin to test the temperature. Take the wax and spread on the skin to be treated.
  4. Wait for the wax to harden and tear it off . For best results, the wax should be removed with a firm movement , while the skin should be stretched. InLei® wax can be applied to both directions of growth of the hair (pile and counter-hair)
  5. Repeat on the next section of skin.
  6. After hair removal , moisturise the skin .

Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

Contains : 250g
Made in Italy.