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InLei Mister Fix - Brow Bomber Adhesive 15ml

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Mister Fix is the latest InLei innovation specially created to make the Brow Bomber treatment even easier.

It is a glue specifically designed for eyebrows; compared to InLei Fixing Gel, it will allow the Brow Artist to achieve better results.

Mister Fix is a cosmetic product made in Italy, created to place eyebrow hairs in the desired position during the Brow Bomber treatment. Since it is a cosmetic product, it has been studied to come into contact with the skin.

Mister Fix has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and it got incredible results: it has not only been classified as non-irritating, but it has shown zero irritation in all volunteers on which it has been tested.

InLei Brow Bomber has become an increasingly popular treatment and the eyebrow professionals were experiencing some very specific needs that led us to create this product. We felt the needs of the brow artists to have a special glue for the Brow Bomber treatment, so we have developed InLei Mister Fix.

Key Features:
- Soft and flexible texture.
- Slightly longer drying time (compared to InLei Fixing Gel) to be able to work better with the shape of the eyebrow hairs.
- Simple to remove and water-soluble, this means it can dissolve with water.
- Formulation allowing the substances of the perm to pass through and work on the hair.
- Product that does not alter the formulation of the perm solutions and dye and that does not compromise the final result.
- Formula that can come into contact with the skin without problems.
- Excellent quality typical of made in Italy products.
- Bottle that allows to dose the product precisely and avoids waste.
- Minimum contraindications on the health of the person.


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