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Katya Vinog - Reusable Under Eye Pads (1 pair) - Choose Your Colour

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Katya Vinog Under eye Silicone Pads for Lash Lifts & Extensions.

Reduce your waste with these reusable, super comfortable eye pads.

Choose from 1 pair of Black or 1 pair of White under eye patches.

These silicone under eye patches are one of a kind and are Katya's latest creation to revolutionise the lash industry. 

The opportunity is finally here to ditch individually packaged under eye patches and replace them with a super soft feeling alternative for the ultimate customer comfort.

Available in one size that can be utilised in multiple positions to achieve the best fit according to your customers eye shape.

Directions:After each use immediately clean with warm water and antibacterial soap followed by 3% hydrogen peroxide soak for 30 min. or soak in 70% alcohol for 10mins, followed by water wash to complete the sanitisation. Let the patches air dry before placing back to the clear holder.

Contains : 1 pair of under eye pads in either black or white.