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LED Headlamp (Rechargable) - 1800 lumens - Zoomable

This headlamp comes with a 6 month warrranty.

When we were asked by a few clients to find a headlamp that would be bright enough (but not too bright), didn't cost the earth and would actually work the way it's supposed to, we hit a few road blocks. The best headlamps could only be found in the US, and everything sold by cosmetic suppliers were, to be frank, not worth even giving away. So we set out to find the best headlamps and the most appropriate to cosmetic tattoo, and bring them here to Australia. And this is what we found!

The perfect amount of light for cosmetic tattoo procedures with adjustment for both brightness and focus. These are the same product as found on Amazon in the US.

  • Zoomable (pull the lens to focus and adjust the size of the circle of light omitted)
  • 3 modes (very-bright / less-bright / strobe)
  • 1800 lumens
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with replaceable inner batteries if needed. Power adapter plugs directly into battery pack for charging
  • Water resistant
  • Angle of headlamp is easily adjustable.
  • Battery life of 4-6 hours on the highest setting. Charge for 6-7 hours.


Box includes:

  • 1 headlamp with straps and battery pack (including two removable lithium-ion batteries)
  • 1 Australian power adapter


These headlamps are uncharged, so plug yours in overnight before using it.  

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