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LED Headlamp (Rechargable) - 1800 lumens - Zoomable

This headlamp comes with a 6 month warrranty.

The perfect amount of light for cosmetic tattoo procedures with adjustment for both brightness and focus. These are the same product as found on Amazon in the US.

  • Zoomable (pull the lens to focus and adjust the size of the circle of light omitted)
  • 3 modes (very-bright / less-bright / strobe)
  • 1800 lumens
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with replaceable inner batteries if needed. Power adapter plugs directly into battery pack for charging
  • Water resistant
  • Angle of headlamp is easily adjustable.
  • Battery life of 4-6 hours on the highest setting. Charge for 6-7 hours.


Box includes:

  • 1 headlamp with straps and battery pack (including two removable lithium-ion batteries)
  • 1 Australian power adapter


These headlamps are uncharged, so plug yours in overnight before using it.  

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