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Nikk Mole Small Angled Brush #15

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Your perfect Sharp Small Size Angled Brush to create a structured shape of your signature brow. 

Purpose: eyebrow dyeing; applying henna or dye; eyebrow makeup with individual hairs.

Angled brush with elastic synthetic bristles for colouring and shaping eyebrows. Pile made of the most durable and reliable material – nylon. The shape with a diagonal pile contour is convenient for working with eyebrows. This model is slightly wider than a henna brush. When working with paint, it is important to carefully distribute the colouring mixture along the hairline. 

  • pile

High-quality nylon with optimal thickness and flexibility for each hair. Synthetic material is superior to natural wool in terms of durability and wear resistance, therefore it is traditionally used in the manufacture of brushes for dyeing and makeup. The pile is glued with non-toxic glue using a special technology, which ensures a long service life of the tool even with active use and regular washing with cleaners.

  • brush pen

High-quality acrylic, completely immune to mechanical abrasion and the effects of chemicals and cosmetics. Not afraid of constant contact with dyes and henna. Does not fade. The weight is balanced in relation to the weight of the pile and metal brace. Handle embossed with NIKK MOLE signature engraving.

Created for detailed henna or brow tint application. Allows you to create smooth, clear lines. 


Ideally balanced weight of the brush will make your application just perfect!