Shay Danielle Double Sided Inkless Brow Skins

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After 10 years in the Beauty industry and over 6+years in Cosmetic Tattoo, Shay Danielle has worked tirelessly to establish herself as a renowned Permanent Makeup artist, educator and industry innovator.

Carefully selected and created by Shay, these PREMIUM brow practice skins are crafted from high-quality material that is MUCH closer to real skin texture so you can get the most out of your PMU practice sessions!

Each Inkless skin features Shay's signature practice shapes - a modern yet universal style with a softer arch and perfect tail.

  • Practice anywhere and everywhere- all you need is a blade pen or machine & needle! No pigment needed which means NO MESS!
  • These skins are perfect for elevating both manual microblading & machine skills!
  • Lightly dotted outline allows you to focus on your technique while keeping awareness of shape and structure.
  • Dual-sided : 20 pairs of brows to practice on.