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E4.009.TRNG x 5

Shay Danielle Double Sided Lip Skins

After 10 years in the Beauty industry and over 6+years in Cosmetic Tattoo, Shay Danielle has worked tirelessly to establish herself as a renowned Permanent Makeup artist, educator and industry innovator.

Carefully selected and created by Shay, these PREMIUM Lip practice skins are crafted from high-quality material that is MUCH closer to real skin texture so you can get the most out of your PMU practice sessions!

These highly sought after Lip practice skins feature Shay's 10 DIFFERENT signature Lip practice shapes - providing you with a wonderful spectrum of expansive Lip PMU practice!

  • Perfect for practicing all Lip PMU treatments
  • Amazing variety of Lip shapes to practice on
  • Dotted outline allowing you to practice your measuring and pre draw with clarity and precision
  • Dual Sided - 20 LIPS TO PRACTICE ON