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Tina Davies Essential Nano Microblades (8 pcs)

Perfect for the graduating cosmetic tattoo artist, the Tina Davies Essential Nano Microblades are specifically designed with artists in mind. With their flexi and super-fine nano blades, the Essential Nano Microblades are designed to achieve beautiful, crisp, and precise hair strokes.

Every nano microblade comes with a protective cap to avoid damage in transit, and each cap has a tiny hole so that EO gas can reach and sterilise the needles. Each blister pack also includes a sticky ruler and pigment ring. The stick-on ruler allows you to measure more accurately with the ruler firmly on the skin. The pigment ring holds your pigment in a much more convenient place to save you going back and forth from the tray and your client. 

These microblading needles are made using surgical grade 316 stainless steel, the highest quality stainless steel available. Tina Davies needles are designed to be sharp and of consistently high quality, each needle being inspected at least 3 times.

0.18mm nano blades are the ideal for producing the most delicate and realistic strokes. For optimal pigment application and ergonomics, the needles are set at a 30 degree angle, and the end of the handle can be used for applying pigment over your fresh strokes.

Each microblade comes with lot number, manufacture date and expiration date. Each blister pack is EO gas sterilised, with a sterilisation indicator, changing from pink to gold with exposure to EO gas sterilisation. A sterilisation report is also included in each box.

There are 8 microblade packs per box.

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