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Ultimate Aftercare Duo by Shay Danielle

The ultimate Aftercare Duo includes 1 Bag of 25 x 5mL Glossed and 1 Bag of 25 x 5ml Cleanse by Shay Danielle.

Glossed Aftercare by Shay Danielle is an all natural, 100% Vegan Aftercare for Post Lip Blush and Brow Procedures. 
Designed to be applied immediately post Lip Blush and Brow PMU for the ultimate HIGH GLOSSED look!

Cleanse Aftercare is essential for a scab-free healing process. Infused with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as tea tree leaf oil, this gentle cleanser will remove lymphatic fluid, moisturise and promote rapid healing.
Clear instructions on each tube will ensure consistent client use at home following treatment and beautiful healed results.

Glossed & Cleanse is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and made with care in Canada.

10 Day Post Treatment Instructions:
Use a pea-size amount of Cleanse Aftercare and mix with water.
Gently wash the treated area morning and night to promote healing. Dry the area and apply Glossed Aftercare. Apply throughout the day to keep hydrated for 7-10 days post procedure. 
Use just a little GLOSSED for a hydrated look and use just a little more for that ULTRA GLOSSY effect! Extremely versatile!

Every ingredient in this exquisite aftercare formula has been hand chosen with the intention to promote rapid, organic healing and relief after PMU procedures.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free formula infused with arnica oil designed to naturally help reduce swelling and bruising, moisturise the skin, and decrease post procedure discomfort.

This natural take home client cleanser is a MUST for optimal healing following all PMU/tattoo procedures.