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What is Lash Botox?

May 30, 2022

What is Lash Botox?

There is a lot of discussion within the beauty community at the moment surrounding Lash Botox.

Many technicians are now incorporating Lash Botox as part of their Lash Lift & Tint procedure (or as an add-on service) for clients as a critical step in maintaining their lash health. If the client leaves with healthy happy lashes, they are more likely to rebook for subsequent services in the future and refer other potential clients to the business. 

Any procedure involving chemicals will result in some damage to the hair due to the chemical exposure, however what Lash Botox does is essentially fills in the gaps where this damage occurs, restoring the natural hair structure. 

Put simply, Lash Botox is a hair mask that is applied to the eyelashes (or brow hairs after a Brow Lamination procedure) to help strengthen and nourish the hair after the Lash Lift & Tint procedure. 

My Lamination’s Vitamin Lash Botox is a hydrolysed keratin mask containing vitamins A, B, C, E , F , K, proteins, keratin and hyaluronic acid. These nourishing ingredients help restore lash health and intensely moisturise the hair. The end result is healthier, thicker, longer and stronger lashes. 

My Lamination also have a Mineral Lash Botox version which is best suited to those clients with short lashes or lashes that have already sustained prior to the procedure some damage. Mineral Lash Botox contains various minerals like Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Sulphur and Sodium to hydrate lashes and promote extensive lash growth.

Lash Botox is best applied after the tinting step as the cuticle layers are more open which enables the product to effectively absorb and penetrate the hair. It is applied 1-2mm from the roots to the tips of the lash hairs. Use a pointy-shaped brush like the Amica Lashes N2 Audrey brush or a disposable brush like the Brow Shop Eco-Friendly Bamboo Microbrush to apply. If you see the product fully absorb on some areas, re-apply. After 5 minutes, remove any excess product using a damp cotton tip or brush.

Lash Botox can be applied as a standalone treatment, however it will not be as beneficial to the client as the cuticle layers of the hair will be closed, therefore there will be less absorption of the product into the hair structure. It is best applied when the cuticle layers are more open, which is post tinting or step 2. Lash Botox can also be used on brow hairs to help nourish the hair after brow tint and/or brow lamination procedures. 

Follow your Lash Botox application with Step 3 solution which will contain regeneration, moisturising and growth properties to seal the eyelashes and lock the moisture in.

Lash Botox is an additional value-add step that can be incorporated into any lash lift & tint, eyelash tint, brow tint and/or brow lamination service to provide additional protection for the client. Conveniently, it can be used in conjunction with any other brand’s tinting or lamination system.

Healthy lashes result in happy clients who return for ongoing repeat business. It’s win-win.

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