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Future Aesthetica ONLINE Course - Ombre Lip Blush & Dark Lip Neutralisation

Ombre Lip Blush Tattooing & Dark Lip Neutralisation Online Course.

Start or grow your business by mastering our signature methods applied to create natural-looking, lip stain effects.

Our all-inclusive courses deliver everything you need to know about machine applied techniques and custom colour blending. Also included, is the
explosive new treatment known as Dark Lip Neutralisation!

By understanding the foundations of Dark Lip Neutralisation you will be able to permanently transform pigmented brown lips into any desired tone of natural pink.

Here, you'll learn our top secrets to achieving long-lasting pigment perfection for every client, in every scenario.

Unlock your unlimited access to:

  • Colour Chemistry: all-inclusive

  • Dark Lip Neutralisation

  • Custom Colour Blending

  • Needles & equipment: Which to choose and how it works

  • Treatment prep, procedure & aftercare

  • Lip contouring

  • Numbing hacks for ultimate comfort

  • 2 x Live model demos 

  • Skin anatomy visual explainer tutorials

  • The touch-up

  • Client care, consulting, and management

  • Automated customer booking journey implementation

  • Bonus Content